Z is my student.Precisely,she is one of the most unforgettable students I have teached.

Unfortunately,Z don’t have the Beijing registered permanent residence.

 As a result, she must go back to her hometown,Jiangsu province ,and go on her fellowing study,for the Chinese College Entrance Examination(National Matriculation Enterance Test).

Z,I had promised your mother that I would not post any dairy,or a blog about you.

But , now, I cannot stop wanting to write someting about you.

You are the most beautifull girl in all my students, and even,one day,I told my wife ,”you should give birth to a child,like Z!”

Z,goodbye!No one can stop you!

Of course,she want to meet the girl vey much,which is so clver and nice!

But now, you have to leave.

I remenber that ,one day, you told me:

“I do not like Beijing, and want to stay in Jiangsu or Shanghai after finishing the College Entrance Examination.”

I know that, it is likely to have no chance to meet you again, in my life.

I find it is so hard to say goodbye to you.But,I have to.


No one can stop your dream!

your sincerely,tutor and good  friend,wangshang.

12 april,of 2012



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